Defining Inclusivity

At NUST, we are committed to creating a diverse, vibrant community of the most talented students, regardless of their financial capacity. Your help is needed to ensure the best and brightest always have a spot in our lecture halls.

Programme Spread

NUST is a comprehensive university that offers 138 Academic Programmes across a wide range of disciplines which include engineering, business, management, social sciences, humanities, arts, design and architecture.

Campus in all Provinces

The recently established Quetta Campus makes NUST the only University of Pakistan to have presence in all four provinces. The University has 7 campuses in 5 cities of the country.

Training Armed Forces of Pakistan

To our strength, we also have a unique blend where students from military and civil backgrounds study in the same classrooms.

Ethnic Diversity

NUST has a multicultural campus life where the student population represents more than 30 ethnicities and a diverse set of beliefs. The campus grounds are abuzz with 26 different languages.

Gender Diversity

Another strength of the University is the all-inclusive student body. Approximately 30% of the student population is female.

Socio-Economic Spread

NUST takes pride in the fact that around 61% of its students belong to lower and lower-middle income households. All students, irrespective of their backgrounds, receive the same life-transforming experience.

Enabling the Differently Abled

The institute understands its responsibility towards the differently abled. It helps them to harness their creativity and facilitates them with the platform to showcase their talents.

Global Student Strength

NUST is home to students from as many as 20 different countries.