NUST Endowment for Education Development - (NEED Initiative)

Launched in 2015, the initiative is built on the core mission of making NUST a need-blind university by providing education to all those who qualify on merit. Owing to the dire economic condition of the country, the merit qualifying brilliant students with financial challenges exceed 61% of the total intake every year. In order to ensure that each deserving student gets access to our classrooms, we need support from our community at large; hence, the NEED Initiative.

The ultimate goal of the initiative is self-sustainability through establishing endowment in order to surpass reliance on government, aid agencies, and philanthropists. In the first phase, NUST is aiming to establish a minimum of 400 permanent scholarship seats with 100 slots available each year of 4-year undergraduate degree intake.

In parallel, the initiative also envisions to establish the university as a world-class institution by investing in infrastructure development, state-of-the-art laboratories, and faculty development programmes.

Building Nation Through Transformative Higher Education

Defining Future

NUST strives to develop an ecosystem that harmonises quality education with practical applicability. The support of the community is required to establish strategic partnerships that can ensure the continuation of world-class educational experience for our students.

Defining Innovation

NUST, with its comprehensive Knowledge and intellectual base, has established an ecosystem that fosters research, innovation and entrepreneurship. To ensure that every genuine business idea gets a chance, and every innovative venture plays a role to help the community, we need support and trust of Pakistani diaspora.

Defining Inclusivity

At NUST, we are committed to creating a diverse, vibrant community of the most talented students, regardless of their financial capacity. Your help is needed to ensure the best and brightest always have a spot in our lecture halls.


  • Transformative Education
  • Multidisciplinary Strength
  • Develop Futuristic Workforce
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Experiential Learning
  • Think Tank


  • National Science & Technology Park
  • Intellectual Property
  • From Lab to Market
  • Cross Border Technology Transfer
  • Technology Incubation Centre
  • National Centres of Excellence
  • N-ovative Health Technologies (NHT)


  • Programme Spread
  • Campus in All Provinces
  • Training Armed Forces
  • Ethnic Divesity
  • Gender Diversity
  • Socio-Economic Spread
  • Enabling the Differently Abled
  • Global Student Strength
Students Supported till Date
Million (PKR) Raised for scholarships
Scholarship seats made permanently free from target of 400
Students from remote areas trained for admission test

Avenues of Partnerships

Innovation Driven Progress

NUST invites your contribution to help the Varsity foster the innovation support culture and create more avenues for excellence in research.

Sponsor a Student Research Project
Many students are unable to participate in international competition platforms due to lack of funding. Our students from AI labs, e.g., are qualifying for World RoboCup for last 5 years and have never managed to raise enough funds to join. Give such brilliant students a chance to prove their mettle by sponsoring their project for a minimum of $15,000.

Support a Researcher
For breakthrough research, our faculty needs your help. Your $1000 can help a faculty publish a paper, or with $5000 you can support the paper to reach a global audience. Help us innovate some solutions for Pakistan by contributing any amount to University Research Fund.

Join the NSTP angel investment network
Many budding Entrepreneurs fail to take the first step forward owing to lack of finances to even develop a Prototype. Gift an entrepreneur some possibilities by contributing any amount to the Angel Fund.

Support Academia-based Entrepreneurship
Many budding entrepreneurs fail to take the first step forward owing to lack of finances to even develop a Prototype. Gift an entrepreneur some possibilities by contributing seed amount beginning with USD 3000

Building Pakistan - Brick by Brick

NUST invites your contribution for developing best educational facilities, infrastructure and resources for our students.

Help NUST Upgrade Laboratories
With a contribution as small as $500, you can help NUST in keeping our research facilities up to date. You can also adopt a laboratory in your brand name for a contribution of $25,000, or help us develop a new one with your generous support.

Help us construct world-class campus in Balochistan
Currently, NUST Balochistan Campus is hosted at rented facilities at Quetta, courtesy Pakistan Army. You can help us in constructing a comprehensive university campus for Balochistan;

Academic Block                      $1.79 million      64,000 sqft
Girls Hostel (50 students)         $450,000         14,000 sqft
Boys Hostel (100 students)      $850,000          28,000 sqft

Gift a student hostel in Islamabad campus
Existing on-campus accommodation facilities at NUST Main Campus are unable to match the required number of hostel applicants. The current application to accommodation gap is 50 percent. Your $1,000 can fund one room in a hostel. You can also extend the support by adding an entire new block in your organisation’s name for $500,000.

Bring your investment to NUST
Extending invitation on the model of Private-Public Partnerships, bring your investment to the academia’s front by helping us
a. Expand the infrastructure of Science and Technology Park – USD 600,000 per tower
b. Launch of Teaching Hospital at the university – USD 700,000

Building Pakistan - Scholar by Scholar

Every gift of yours, however small can have a life changing impact on numerous lives. Here are some of the avenues through which you can help our students stay on campus without worrying about the financial constraints

General Endowment Fund consists of generic contribution which will become part of a permanent endowment pool utilised for sponsoring research, upgrading laboratories and developing infrastructure in addition to supporting need-based scholars to ensure an ecosystem that promotes transformative education and innovative research. You can gift any amount under this header to support the university’s multiple initiatives.

Alternatively, partners can establish specific endowments in their names; restricted to be spent only for need-based scholarships or designated avenues. Created at a minimum of $21,000, a single endowment can support one scholarship seat on a permanent basis at NUST. As soon as a beneficiary graduates, it rolls over to support another bright student from the new intake.

Apart from the endowment support, partner may choose to invest in one future by adopting a student or more. The entire 4-year undergraduate programme for one student costs $6,000 for tuition fee only and $15,000 inclusive of tuition and accommodation expenses. This avenue is also aided by a shariah compliant zakat adoption mechanism.

Connect - Support - Advance